The Dessert Pizza


Pizza for dessert?! Are you mad!

mint feast sweet pizza
A dessert pizza is just that, a pizza for dessert topped with chocolate, sweets and fruit, no airs and graces about it. Chocolate Pizza, Sweet Pizza, Pizza Cake, call it what you will the dessert pizza should be eaten guilt free, but if you want to have a healthy salad before hand to balance the experience out be our guest. We take no responsibility for you feeling a little heavier afterwards.

Our pizzas are made fresh to order and are available to pick up the same day or next day. We only have a limited range at the moment but we are not short on ideas so expect to see new sweet pizzas pop up on a regular basis. We are also open to suggestions so if you have a great idea for a pizza please give us a shout and we will give you 10% off your first order with us.

Our sweet pizzas bases come in two different styles:

  • Brownie base
  • Cookie dough base


This is pure indulgence. The brownie base made up of the finest dark chocolate will melt your heart and put a big smile on your face. The base comes straight up or you could have it laced with chopped walnuts and cherries for extra va-va-voom. This base also features on a number of our fruit pizzas too, for example check out our Nutella, Banana and strawberry fruit pizza. The brownie base is best friends with butter cream, so go crazy, grab a slice, just don’t forget to hit the gym afterwards.


This is probably off the chart when it comes to the ultimate indulgent treat. The base is a bit sturdier than its cousin the brownie base but these pizzas come topped with all of the above and more.


At the moment, but delivery is coming soon.

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